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Editor's note: I always hate when Sports Illustrated publishes a double issue. It's just an excuse to not put out a magazine for a week. They just stuff it with a couple extra pages so you think it's worthy of two weeks' worth of work. And since I skipped out on the Linkage last week, you're getting a couple extra links this week. I know it's a crappy deal, but if SI can get away with it, why can't I?

Whenever I tell people about my career path - from newspapers to a startup web marketing company - the response has become pretty predictable: "Makes sense. Newspapers are f#@%ed."

In a lot of ways, that's true. Newspapers across the country are shrinking, losing money and downsizing. I see the web as a big part of journalism's future. I hope that's a future that includes newspapers. But will the web be the savior of newspapers, or the cause of their eventual demise?

New York Magazine ran a feature in late July about the New York Times' battle to survive the Internet age and how the decision to start using a paywall in March has actually proven successful thus far. I've always been of the belief that a subscription-based website was not the way to go for newspapers - the Times website isn't exactly all-out subscription; they still offer a lot of free content - and I'm still not entirely convinced it's the answer.

The answer thus far has been sitting around hoping that everything will be OK. So it's good to see that the Times is actually taking a chance. And maybe if the Times can figure out a way to make it work, others will as well.

Onto the beefed-up linkage…

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