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If you create any company you wanted and work for that company, what would it be?

In many ways, that's what we're doing at Red Nova Labs next week with Operation Launchpad. I wrote out the details here yesterday. Every person in our company has an opportunity to come up with a cool idea and five of those ideas will get the chance to become a real business.

For a group of nerdy entrepreneurs, this is a dream come true. I'll be taking notes throughout the week and eventually writing about the process. I really have no idea how it's going to go, and that's pretty exciting. Coming up with an idea is as scary as staring at a blank word processor.

Before you read the Linkage, think about what you would do given the chance and feel free to share below.

  • The marketing agency Archrival used college students to see if QR Codes are an effective form of marketing. Read the story to find out what they found, and feel free to provide your opinions below.

  • Another reason MailChimp rocks. I also came across the MailChimp Style Guide recently and was entertained. If Red Nova Labs ever gets as big as MailChimp and needs a Style Guide (outside of what I think looks best), we'll probably style our Style Guide Mailchimp style. (Whew, that's a lot of style!)

  • iPhone or Android? Business Insider asked some famous and rich people which smartphone they prefer.

  • Hard to believe this is real, but if it's fake, props as well. This trick shots video is pretty awesome.

  • Still trying to wrap my head around this story. Man wanted by police for questioning in the beating death of another man. Man fleas from police. Man shows up at couple's house he does not know, forces his way in, says couple agreed to a verbal contract to hide him from police for a sum of money, couple eventually bails to get away from crazy man, and now man wants to sue couple. I probably got that wrong somewhere. Hope man doesn't sue me. Only in America!

  • This. Ain't. Right.

  • You've now reached the portion of Sweet Linkage where I shamelessly pimp this cool writer I know… A brilliant expose on the KU bench over at Basketball Prospectus. And if you're a Kansas basketball fan, you're doing yourself a disservice if you're not reading this blog (an incentive for the non-KU basketball obsessed females, I hear the writer is devilishly handsome).

  • I recently was published in a real book. It's the college basketball book for number's nerds. Buy it here. I'll be signing copies any time any day you want.

The Sweet Linkage will take a break next week to participate in Operation Launchpad and will resume linking in two weeks. Thanks for clicking.

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