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What our people are saying

"My favorite part of Red Nova Labs is that I honestly look forward to coming to work every day. Not many people can say that."

"On a Friday evening a few dedicated employees remained to watch us achieve an almost unattainable goal. Cracking open that sweet, sweet Michelob Ultra to celebrate was icing on the cake."

"You know that any time our CEO, Dan, mans the grill that it’s going to be a good day."

"Ship it."

Chris Klein, Business Development

Beth Donnelly, Product Manager

Austin Jones, Director of Sales

Dan Miller, Owner

"Working at Red Nova Labs has made me the ping pong player I am today."

"During my interview I was asked if I thought I was a good writer. I said, 'Yes. I write terrible LOST fan fiction.' I guarantee you that's what got me the job."

"My favorite day at Red Nova Labs was the company outing to a private suite at Kauffman Stadium. We all got to hang out and watch the Royals win in the 10th inning."

"This is cliché and cheesy, but I’m amazed by how much I’ve learned since starting here."

Tim Banks, Senior Software Engineer

Beth Cain, SEO Specialist

Matt Friederich, Business Development

Amanda Weidman, Administrative Assistant

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