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Meet storEDGE

Update --- Let's face it, we're always changing because that's what you have to do to be the best. So, this article is already out of date. If you want to know what we're really up to, check out storEDGE. Plain and simple: we're a technology company making kickass products for (drumroll...) the self storage industry! Don't judge, we love it here.

Red Nova Labs has many faces. In our early days, we were the minds behind a number of apps and websites that the casual observer might not have realized were all actually related. Today you can find us powering StorageAhead and its various self storage-related products and services.

As winners of the KC Battle of the Brands, we were Red Nova Labs. But to the attendees of the recent Inside Self-Storage World Expo, we were StorageAhead. We are different things to different people, and I’m here to let you know how it all fits together.

Red Nova Labs logo

It all starts with Red Nova Labs. When we’re interacting in the local start-up scene, that’s the name we call ourselves. It’s the name written outside our building. It’s the name you’ll see in job listings or on Google Maps.

To ourselves and to our community, we’re Red Nova Labs. The name is important. We started as a think-tank exploring many different channels. Now, we’re a laboratory full of incredibly bright people studying, learning, and experimenting to find the next step forward. As RNL, we’re a vibrant web marketing company with an eye on the Kansas City business scene and a finger on the pulse of the self storage industry.

The bridge between us, the web marketers, and our clients, self storage facilities, is our flagship company, StorageAhead.

StorageAhead logo

As StorageAhead, we bring the technical know-how and ingenuity of Red Nova Labs to the self storage industry. We recognized early on, near RNL’s inception, that there was a big market for better technology in self storage.

So many of the industry’s small mom-and-pops don’t have the means to develop their own web marketing materials. With just a handful of individuals at the helm, these small enterprises are often too busy with day-to-day tasks to devote the time and energy necessary to find the best technologies available. As StorageAhead, we try to lighten their load by providing them with cutting edge technology at an affordable price.

We haven’t settled for just one niche, however. With a restless desire for innovation, we have always strived to move forward and expand. Because our products are so varied, often employing completely different branding from one another, I’ll give you a rundown of our three primary services.

StorageFront logo

StorageFront is our lead aggregator site. What that means is we compile listings of many, many storage facilities and make them easier to parse. Its utility is two-fold. At a low monthly fee, we provide increased visibility for storage companies. But we also allow potential renters to find their storage more easily. For these self storage renters, StorageFront serves the same function as Hotels.com by allowing them to compare thousands of storage facilities in one place.

WebWorks logo WebReady logo

WebWorks and WebReady are two very similar products: innovative website design. WebWorks is a large site built especially for a particular brand, while WebReady offers smaller companies a more attractive price and a simpler framework. We work directly with clients to build the site they want to see.

By utilizing the newest SEO principles of web design and content marketing, we offer our clients more exposure on the Internet – which is crucial in an industry filled with competing storage facilities. Devoted account managers work diligently to ensure a satisfactory experience with us and with the website.

StorEdge logo

With the recent release of StorEdge, we branched out from web marketing into a new realm: management software. By integrating innovative lead tracking, built-in customer relationship management, and dynamic financial analytics, we worked hard to create a product that wasn’t just a rehash of existing software.

It was a big lateral move for us, but it allows us all sorts of new ways to integrate our various products, simplifying the client’s tech needs even further. If we run a facility’s website and management software, there won’t be any problems consistently tracking leads, and customers can rent or reserve units online with ease.

To help you visualize the connections, we put together a flowchart:

RNL brand flowchart

With time, we might branch out even further. There’s no limit to our imagination – neither is there any foreseeable end to the need for improved technology in the self storage industry. As technology continues to advance, businesses must adapt. It’s with enthusiasm that we set about the task of helping storage owners stay abreast of modern developments.

Whether we’re decked out in red at a community kickball tournament or dressed in cool blue at the latest trade show, we’re still the same underneath: a group of energetic people looking to the future and guiding the hands of hard-working self storage managers and owners. We’re so grateful to all the customers who choose us to be their bridge to technology and innovation.

I hope this clears things up a bit!