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The Hands-Down Best Place to Work in Kansas City and Denver

We're zealous, unique, and (possibly) addicted to espresso

Our Westwood headquarters shines a curious red glow by night, and inside you'll find a bunch of talented professionals fighting like hell to be anything but ordinary. We have the stability of an established technology company, but we cling hard to the startup roots we were founded on. Which means: no red tape, a tight-knit team, we're friends with our CEO, and we're a little quirky, too. Interested in joining us and scoring one of the best jobs at our Kansas City headquarters or Denver expansion? See our career openings and apply today.

Voted one of KC's Best Places to Work
Kansas City Business Journal
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Engaging Work

Say goodbye to TPS reports and hello to challenging and engaging work. You'll never feel like releasing your anger by smashing our printer.
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Open Atmosphere

If we had cubicles instead of desks, how could we have inter-office Nerf gun fights or shout ideas across the room? We couldn't, so we don't.
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Personal Growth

Looking to learn new skills, like SEO, coding or even managing your own team? We're dedicated to supporting your personal career path.
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Key Location

Our office is just minutes away from downtown Kansas City, Westport, the Plaza, Brookside, Waldo and, most importantly, Chipotle.
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Full Benefits

Prepare for retirement and live as dangerously as you'd like - we offer 401(k) matching, plus comprehensive health, vision and dental plans.
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Happy Hours

When we hit our goals – work-related or even personal – we're known to celebrate a job well done with Grey Goose and craft beer.
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In-house Barista

The finest cafe concoctions flow from our coffee bar, manned by our favorite in-house barista. Enjoy a pick me up or a change of scenery.
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Friday Lunches

Making your own food is a thing of the past. Every Friday, catered meals from our favorite local spots are brought in to enjoy as a team.
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All Hands On Deck

Collaboration and planning keep us on track. We meet daily, weekly and quarterly to stay focused and see what other departments are up to.
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Awesome Team

Work with the most talented people in Kansas City. Our tight-knit team is comprised of the area's brightest (and quirkiest) individuals.

Our Culture

Whether it's helping our employees reach their own personal career goals or providing a fun and collaborative environment in which to work, we believe that the best products are made when people feel inspired. If you need a 2:30 ping pong break, enough caffeine to give you cardiac arrest or the resources to learn more about a career path that interests you, we're dedicated to providing our employees with what they need to succeed.

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Our Core Values

  • Bringing diverse skills to the table
  • Being passionate about your work
  • Baking treats for coworkers
  • Reflecting on how you can improve
  • Creating work you're proud of
  • Letting loose and having fun
  • Believing in the products we create
  • Showing your unique personality
  • Playing well with others

Our Job Openings

We're only as good as our weakest link. We wear many hats and lines between roles are sometimes fuzzy, but one thing is true: we’re searching for fire in every hire. Bring on the experts, visionaries, perfectionists, and peers we can call friends. Think you belong on our team? Get to know our departments and browse job openings.

  • Product
    • AKA The Masterminds...

      Our product team is the heartbeat behind our technology. When they’re not managing the pace and details of our releases, they’re strategizing and planning where we’ll go next.

      They Use: Jira, Trello, Slack, Google Docs, Basecamp
      They're inspired by: product innovation, communication, collaboration, teamwork
      They're called: product managers, project managers, support engineers, visionaries

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  • Marketing
    • AKA The Creatives...

      Our marketing junkies bring life to campaigns that generate interest in our products. They value out-of-the-box thinking, attention to detail, and fashionable footwear.

      They Use: Adobe Creative Cloud, Trello, Basecamp
      They're inspired by: all things beautiful
      They're called: writers, designers, PR specialists, event planners, creative geniuses

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  • Sales
    • AKA The Muscle...

      Our confident sales team members are the best at qualifying leads and closing the deal. They pride themselves in their ability to carry a conversation with anyone at any time.

      They Use: SalesForce, Ring Central, Google Apps, Dropbox
      They're inspired by: ABC - Always. Be. Closing.
      They're called: inside sales reps, sales bros, money makers

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  • Engineering
    • AKA The Brains...

      Our programmers always keep up-to-date on the latest technology. They strive for minimal markup and building the coolest technology on the block.

      They Use: Ruby on Rails, React, Node.js, Javascript, PHP, Sublime, Vim, Atom
      They're inspired by: solving problems, occasional ping pong breaks
      They're called: front-end and back-end developers, software engineers, quality assurance, geniuses

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  • Operations
    • AKA The Support...

      Our operations team thinks outside the box to keep the ship afloat. They use their account management and customer support superpowers for good to keep our clients happy and prosperous.

      They Use: Zendesk, Zoho, SalesForce, PeachTree
      They're inspired by: getting results for our customers
      They're called: account managers, customer support, administrative assistants, patience practitioners

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