We work and we play. Read about both here.

The Red Nova Lab’s Gnome in action.

Congratulations. You’ve made it through another April Fools’ Day. The infamous day that bad surprises and pranks plague Americans from coast to coast.

Here at Red Nova Labs, we live in excitement of being visited by our pleasant pranksters every day. Little did we know, when we moved to our current location, the space was already occupied by something: Gnomes.

“They are half mystery, half kindness and all fun,” says Content Writing Manager Amy Daniels.

We don’t mind sharing our building with the gnomes, though, because they spend all their time planning nice surprises for our staff. We’ve all been touched by the gnomes’ nice gestures in one way or another and they greatly boost employee morale.

Some of What the Gnomes Have Done so Far

Beth Cain and her sloths.

Redecoration. One thing you might not know about Beth Cain: She loves sloths. It’s not your normal, “Yeah, sloths look cool.” We’re talking a Kristin Bell-level of sloth love. For her birthday, the gnomes spent some time redecorating Beth’s workspace to reflect her true feelings. Now when she takes a mental break and looks up from her computer, she’s met with her favorite furry friends.

Flowers. Losing a pet can be a very trying time and the gnomes knew that. I’ll let Margaret Kocher explain what happened: “The veterinarian came over to my house and had to put my cat to sleep. I was really upset the entire day. About two hours after it happened, I was just lying in my room crying. The doorbell rang. This nice man delivered a beautiful arrangement of flowers. It made me feel 1 million times better.” And who signed the card? The gnomes.

Stephanie’s new mug.

Replaced Mug. Coffee and tea are staples of every workspace at Red Nova Labs. So when the gnomes noticed the handle of Stephanie’s coffee mug had broken off, they went to Anthropologie, got her a new one and left it for her to discover one morning.

Gnomes Facebook gift.

Facebook Present. When we were trying to build up our Facebook following, the gnomes stepped in and promised a gift to our 500th like. What did they put in the mail? 500 pennies (plus movie tickets) to one lucky RNL follower. So they aren’t just doing good deeds for RNL employees. Get on their good side and you might find something nice in your mailbox.

Gnomes cheering on the Red Nova Labs basketball team.

Basketball Signs. When the RNL men’s basketball team came to work the day of their last game of the season, they were greeted with cheering posters. Then other employees brought them to the game to cheer on the team!

Abby’s new coffee mug from the RNL gnomes.

Coffee Mug #2. New mugs are a theme here. We really value our caffeine and don’t want to use disposable cups so almost every desk is decorated with a stained mug. When Abby came into work on Monday and found a new mug from the gnomes, she was delighted. And she deserved it. They must have seen how hard she worked to put together our social media campaign to win the Battle of the Brands during March.

Car cleaning. Winter is no joke in Kansas. One afternoon last winter, we watched ice fall on all our cars through our wall of windows. I’m sure no one was excited to leave and have to scrape off a thick layer of ice. We walked out the doors and saw that the gnomes had already cleared off our cars! It was the best feeling in the world.

Red Nova Lab’s Christmas gifts from the gnomes.

Christmas Surprise. Around Christmas 2013, we all came to work on a cold day to find something that warmed our hearts. Everyone had a Ghirardelli Chocolate Square with a kind note attached to it. I was a fairly new employee at the time, so mine said, ”We love that you’re upbeat and hardworking; you’re a great addition to the team.” The gnomes made sure to shower everyone with compliments before we left for Christmas vacation.

Weekly Lunch. Last summer, our bosses challenged us to up our productivity and said if we met an arbitrary goal, we’d get a chef to come cook us food once a week. Well, we hit that goal but we had to renovate our kitchen before a chef could work here. The renovation is almost done, but for the last several months, the gnomes have been planning catered lunches for us all. They’ve brought us food from incredible restaurants like Jazz, Mr. Gyros, Cupini’s and Oklahoma Joe’s.

Cleaning Up. Not only do they bring us food every week, but they also clean up afterward. Everything gets boxed up and put in our fridges. Counters are wiped down. And the trash is taken out. They really pamper us.

What Does the Future Hold?

We really hope the gnomes stay around forever and keep up these exciting escapades. We all love coming into work because we’re passionate about what we do, but the gnomes are like the sprinkles on top of the RNL ice cream sundae. We never know when they’re going to strike, but we do know that we love them.