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Red Nova Labs CEO Dan Miller had a birthday Monday so we celebrated in style. Take a peek at the action: Empty parking lot

While Dan’s wife took him out to lunch, we cleared our cars from the parking lot to make it look like we’d left for the day at noon. But Dan caught onto this pretty quickly. When he left for lunch later than planned, he noticed the parking lot was emptier than he’d ever seen it.

Walking into a surprise party Surprise birthday party

Armed with glitter, silly string, balloons and noisemakers, we hid in the dark basement and waited for Dan to return from lunch. When he entered through the side door, he could see us huddled in the dark sales room with balloons. He watched us as he walked across the basement, which was probably fairly horrifying to encounter because we were all way quieter than normal. Once he finally opened the door, we all yelled, “SURPRISE!” and as glitter fell from the ceiling, three people sprayed him with silly string.

Happy birthday to Dan! Employees singing happy birthday

And, of course, we sang our best rendition of Happy Birthday to him. Actually we sang to him three times and, not to toot our own horn, the last time was in Spanish. Then Dan blew out his candle and we enjoyed the delicious cake. There were raspberries on the outside AND the inside.

Empty parking lot Empty parking lot

Later that night, we threw together a delicious shrimp boil in the basement with Beth Donnelly’s expert cooking skills. It was full of shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn and lots of butter and seasonings. It all paired extremely well with a Boulevard Wheat.

All in all, we’re sure Dan couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend his birthday and we had a great time celebrating with him!