We work and we play. Read about both here.

Garrett and his bike, looking cool.

We’ve already heard about Rachael Heslop, Natalie Bragg and Joe Morgan, but this month we’ll be shining the spotlight on Garrett DeGregory.

Garrett is Red Nova Labs’ best (and only) sales administrator. Between sips of tea, he’s digging through our database of potential clients to send leads to our sales team qualifiers or he’s cleaning up Salesforce.

He’s fairly new to the RNL team, only starting in September, but he’s proven to be quite the asset. Get to know him a little better.

Andrea: What jobs did you work before this?

Garrett: My first job was at a place called Toon Shop. It was a musical instrument store. They sold grand pianos, trumpets, trombones, violins, clarinets and all that kind of stuff. I worked there for six years doing guitar repair and sales and then that place went under, which was unfortunate because a lot of the teachers renting studios there were really excellent. I had a friend who worked at Bag and Baggage, which is a luggage store in the same shopping center and I would go over there and hang out with him and his manager from time to time. One day, he said, “Why don’t you come work over here, we need another sales person.” So I said ok. I asked the manager if I could get a job and she said yes. So I filled out a job application and a resume. She lost those so she said, “Oh just give me your social.” She hired me and I sold luggage and fancy corporate gifts. That was a lot of fun. I liked that place.

A: So do you play a musical instrument?

G: Yeah. I play guitar, a little banjo and a little bit of piano. That’s really about it. I play guitar pretty well and I play piano well enough that if someone asked me to play at a party, I could do it and wouldn’t embarrass myself but I wouldn’t offer to play.

Garrett living his childhood dreams, rappin and looking cool.

A: Have you been in any bands?

G: I’ve played with other musicians on and off from time to time but as far as an instrumental band, I’m really, really terrible at playing with other musicians. I don’t think that reflects on my personality or anything. Ha. But I was in a hip-hop group for a while. I think some of the people here have probably heard some of my tunes. Tucker, I think, probably has a CD from once upon a time. It wasn’t laughably bad but it wasn’t good. I’ll just leave it at that.

A: So what brought you to Red Nova Labs?

G: I heard about this job through a friend who worked here. He recommended the company and said it was a lot of fun and that I should come work here so I put together a resume and did an interview with everybody actually. The first one was with Dan and Austin. Then I did a phone interview with Beth D, which was followed by an interview with Alyssa. They just kind of passed me around until they found a department they wanted to put me in. And they hired me.

A: Very interesting. So I read on your company bio that you’re a tree fort building master. How’d you hone those skills?

G: When I was a little kid, there was a junkyard in this undeveloped forest area behind my house. We were next to a lot where houses were being built so we would go and scrounge for shingle scraps or pieces of wood that had been disregarded. So all my tree houses in this forested area had auto glass windows and shingles. It was a lot of fun. I had some friends in that neighborhood and we’d all go work on the forts. I had one that was two stories. It was cool and very Tom Sawyer-esque.

Garrett and his bike, again, looking cool.

A: That sounds incredible. I also read that you’re interested in motorcycles. How’d you get into that?

G: I’m not sure. I just thought it would be cool and fun. When I was 18, I bought a little gas moped that went 30 miles an hour. You don’t need a license for that. I drove that thing everywhere. I wish I had it still but a friend of mine wrecked it. After that, I bought a motorcycle and learned how to drive it. I didn’t actually get my license for about two years and I’d never driven a vehicle before I drove the motorcycle. I was learning how to operate this recreational vehicle on city streets while also learning the rules of the road. I was doing a lot of bad things like turning left in front of people at green lights and they would honk at me and I’d flip them off like they were the jerk. I’m surprised I made it through the first two or three months of that but now I ride them everywhere. I think I’ve had maybe 5 or 6 total. Some of them my dad and I would own jointly and fix up. They were all beaters. They weren’t the expensive ones, although the one I have now is pretty nice. I like it. I’m going to get a drivers license this winter for a car. I have my motorcycle license now and have had it since way before I started working here.

A: Speaking of working here, what do you like most about your job?

G: I like the people the best. Everyone here is really friendly so it was easy to make friends. Most of the jobs I’ve worked for in the past were also very friendly but there are so many cool things that employees here do recreationally within and outside the company. So it’s been fun. I like that I have two monitors. I like that there is always free tea. I’ve had 5 or 6 cups of tea a day in the past 3 weeks so I’m really working on extending my life expectancy with the antioxidants and all that.

A: I hear good things about antioxidants. So, let me ask you a superficial question before we wrap up. Your hair always looks perfect. How do you style it every morning?

G: It’s actually not really that involved. I use a comb and Layrite Super Shine.

Garrett has perfect hair. Here's why.

A: Have you had that hairstyle for a while?

G: No. When I was in high school, I had hair down to my shoulders and it looked awful. Maybe I’m trying to make amends.

A: One last question. Do you have any random facts about you that weren’t included in your bio?

G: I can sing two notes at once. It’s called tuvan throat singing. I think a few people here have heard me do it. I played music with Beth Cain and Margaret when we were doing music recording for the zombie movie that we filmed so they’ve heard me do that.