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Red Nova Lab's New Year's Resolutions

Every year, people sit down and make a list of New Year’s resolutions and that is exactly what Red Nova Labs employees did. A week into the New Year, we decided we should share them with the world as a way to keep us honest with ourselves about our goals in 2014. Here’s what we plan to accomplish:

Beth Austin photo

Beth Austin

My New Year’s resolution is to not text and drive and also to make healthier decisions. The texting and driving thing is for everyone else’s good as I’m a terrible driver and texting just makes me worse (I have ADD). And I want to make healthier decisions because I’ve gained too much weight eating all of the goodies around the office. I’m now packing my lunch and avoiding sugary snacks during the workday and when I’m at home.

Abby Madison photo

Abby Madison

I resolve to finally hang that 5’ wide painting somewhere, learn the moves in Zumba class (or die trying) and organize the random chaos that is my closet.

Peter Soto photo

Peter Soto

In 2014, I want to spend more time working on music, specifically becoming a better DJ. I want to put out at least 12 professional-quality mixes before 2015. I have a plan and a budget, and I will begin working on the first mix when I get a new laptop later this month. Also, I will continue going to the gym where I will become a beefcake. Yes, beefcake.

Ashley Burgener photo

Ashley Burgener

My resolution for 2014 was going to be the same ole lose weight and get healthy, but then I realized I would never be able to keep that. So, I decided to spend time off my mobile device and instead get back to making personal relationships. I’m really bad about being on my phone everywhere: family events, supper and driving (I know really bad).

Sara Heins photo

Sara Heins

My resolution is to not die when I finish my first full marathon later this year—either during the race or from waking up at 5:30 a.m. for training runs. #NOTAMORNINGPERSON

Joel Williams photo

Joel Williams

My New Year’s resolutions for 2014 include getting more physically fit. My goal is to drop my weight from 210 lbs. to 195 lbs. I also want to attend more social events (e.g. concerts, movies, etc.) and give myself a chance to meet new people.

I want to travel some more. I would like to visit St. Louis to see a few old friends from college and visit my family again in Baltimore. I plan to better myself as a person and prove to some of my friends who have doubts about college or life in general, that good things happen to those who put in the time and effort.

Matt Friederich photo

Matt Friederich

I usually don’t make too many New Year’s resolutions but this year I decided to make two that relate to each other. I have always disliked the term “saving money” so I made a goal this year to be smarter about spending money. This resolution’s sole purpose is to accomplish my second resolution of traveling more. Specifically, I want to travel abroad.

David Howe photo

David Howe

Every year, I’ve put just about everything ahead of my own personal health. This year, I’d really like to set aside the time each day to work out, whether through jogging, other cardio exercise (Dance Central for Xbox) or strength training. It’s important to me to get back in shape so I can run around and have as much energy as my son!

James Appleton photo

James Appleton

I started Weight Watchers again and want to weigh 200 by March. I weighed in at 223 at the beginning of the year.

Amy Daniels photo

Amy Daniels

My resolution for 2014 is to buy a house. There are few things I hate more than writing a rent check (or, as I think of it, lighting my money on fire 12 times a year). When I transferred colleges and moved back in with my family, I was able to lower monthly costs for a couple years. In 2014, I resolve to find a cozy (ahem, cheap) place to call my own!

Joe Morgan photo

Joe Morgan

My resolution is very simple and has been unchanged for many years. My resolution is to grow half an inch so I don’t have to lie on my driver’s license. I’ve been 5’ 11.5’’ for at least a decade and I’ve always wanted to get to 6’. Maybe I should have taller hair. As for real resolutions, I resolve to learn to write better code—specifically design better objects and tests. I also want to climb real rock at least once per month starting in May.

Tim Schlee photo

Tim Schlee

My resolution is to dominate the ping pong leaderboard. Come 2015, I’m gonna be the top dog!

Shannon Williams photo

Shannon Williams

I’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions. When I decide to do something I will usually go ahead and do it. I never saw the point in waiting for a new year to change something. However, I decided that I need to create some new goals and recently I bought a gym membership and I plan to start utilizing it more than just the occasional spin class. I also want to learn Spanish, start a blog, take yoga classes and cook more. I am a big fan of eating out and as some of my coworkers know, I rarely bring my lunch. I am going to try and bring my lunch in twice a week. Baby steps, right?

Ashley Sullins photo

Ashley Sullins

This has been my resolution for the past two years now, but 2014 is going to be the year I accomplish running an entire 5k race. I participated in a couple of 5ks in 2012 and 2013 but I didn’t run the entire event. If any of my coworkers want to join me that would be awesome! It’s a lot more fun than you would think! There’s free swag, a great atmosphere and typically the event raises money for charity.

Stephanie Brown photo

Stephanie Brown

My resolutions for 2014 are across the board and only a little cliché. I want to get into better shape and get back to the weight that my drivers license says I am. I want to cook more and order food less. I want to visit California for the first time. And I want to find my “thing.” Just one thing that I can be above mediocre at. Right now I’m buying a keyboard and trying to pick up piano again!

Jodi Nelson photo

Jodi Nelson

It’s finally dawned on me that I should start planning for retirement, so my biggest goal for 2014 is to start saving more money. If I have any money left, I’m going to use it to travel. Preferably back to Hawaii for at least a week of lounging on the beach, drinking Mai Tais.

Amanda Weidman photo

Amanda Weidman

I have three resolutions for 2014. The first is to work on getting healthier and working out three times a week. The second is to finish all the art projects I have been working on for way too long. And lastly, I want to do more things that scare me or push me out of my comfort zone.

It’s never too late to set your resolutions for 2014 so jump on the bandwagon today and make 2014 the year for changes!