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Check out what we did in 2016.

Let’s talk about resolutions. Every year, millions of people make resolutions in January all around the world. This year, Red Nova Labs employees joined the millions with our own dreams, ambitions, and goals. Will we see our resolutions through or will we drop them before we even publish this blog post? Only time (and a follow up blog post) will tell. Check out what we resolve to accomplish in 2017:

Megan's resolution.

“This year I’ll be juggling seven weddings and their festivities. And my husband and I will hopefully (end our forever long hunt to) buy a home!” - Megan Kannard

Alex's resolution.

“My resolution is to eat healthier, spend more time with family, and try to learn something new every month.” - Alex Downey

Tim's resolution.

“My year long goal is to learn how to fold a fitted sheet…if it is even possible.” - Tim Banks

Jana's resolution.

“I want to catch a Chinook Salmon on my honeymoon in Alaska. I would prefer a world record size 100-lb salmon, but I’ll settle for just beating my husband at fishing.” - Jana Haecherl

Rachel's resolution.

“My resolution for 2017 is to get organized. I have a shoe box filled with important documents that I file about twice a year. (I should probably do that more often!) I’m also working on getting my credentials as a Certified Meeting Professional.” - Rachel Parrish

Andrea's resolution.

“I want to do a cartwheel. But real casual-like. Not make a big deal about it. But I know everybody saw it. Just one stunning, gorgeous cartwheel. That’s my resolution.” - Andrea Hewitt

Paul's resolution.

“My goal this year is to complete the half marathon I said I was gonna do in 2016.” - Paul Losensky

It’s never too late to set your resolutions for 2017, so jump on the bandwagon today and make 2017 the year you finally do that thing you’ve always wanted to do!