We work and we play. Read about both here.

Casino table decorations

Last Friday night, the Red Nova Labs basement transformed into a Las Vegas-style casino wonderland, complete with blackjack, craps, roulette, poker and an open bar. Out of town employees were flown in to spend a relaxing weekend in Kansas City, and everyone brought their friends and family to share the excitement of a traditional Red Nova Labs-style party. Newfound gambling addictions commenced, and several employees have already turned to 1-800-BETS-OFF for help.

Holiday party craps table Gambling at our Christmas party Gambling addictions on the rise at Red Nova Labs

In the midst of all the holiday cheer, the Red Nova Labs’ team presented Bob and Dan, the president and CEO respectively, with the ultimate gift. During the upcoming weeks before the party, people from every department snuck into a secret room to pay homage to our executive team. Through recorded physical descriptions, favorite memories, Las Vegas stories and even a song by the company’s own band, Climate Control, Abby Madison compiled all of the clips into a hilarious (and yet somehow heartfelt) video collection of everything that makes working at Red Nova Labs great.

At the end of the night, those who risked it all took home the best prizes, including a flat screen TV, Coach purse, several Kindles, a six-month VIP employee parking spot, gnome boxers and more. Although Peter Soto was the overall winner with more than $30,000 in chips, some consider Megan Garden, who took home the coveted private bathroom key, to be the real victor. Natalie Bragg went the more sentimental route and opted for a weekday lunch with her favorite CEO, Dan.

Prizes from gambling Katelyn won a Coach purse Megan won the bathroom key Peter won a flat screen tv

As the night’s excitement dwindled down and the children were ready to be put to bed, the party took one last surprising turn. Everyone (even the losers) was rewarded with a consolation prize – a sweet Jawbone Jambox. These musical participation trophies were the cherry on top of a terrific night.

Jamboxes as a corporate Christmas present Heavy appetizers FTW

Between the deliciously filling appetizers, buzzed atmosphere and overall camaraderie, the party was considered a success by all, with only a handful of our coworkers arriving to work today feeling mildly shameful.