We work and we play. Read about both here.

Unlike most offices, Red Nova Labs gives their employees pretty much free reign on the dress code in the office, resulting in what you would see if you let your six-year-old daughter pick her own outfit for school. However, at the end of the week, several employees drop their Mark Zuckerberg-esque hoodies and “eff-you” flip flops and engage in Fancy Fridays.

The trend started at the beginning of the year, as CEO Dan Miller resolved to start wearing more of the clothes (that still fit!) from way back in his corporate days. “Everybody else has a casual Friday, and since I see us as ‘counter everything’ - nonquidproquo - Fancy Fridays make a lot of sense.”

… And the employees can’t get enough.

Red Nova Labs associates from all departments have thoroughly enjoyed the option to play dress up once a week.

After a recent workday lunch incident when spotted by a friend and asked if she “had the day off,” Kendra Bozarth decided it was time for a change. Rather than becoming a victim of an episode of “What Not To Wear,” Bozarth has extended the option to the entire week, “to remind [her]self that [she’s] not still in college and should attempt to look presentable in public.”

Eric Hankins loves the ironic twist of it all; “It’s sort of fun Friday mornings when I’m ironing my shirt and my wife, who has to dress up all week at BigCorp, is choosing what jeans she wants to wear.”

“My slacks, dress shirts, and ties are in the dark corner of my closet, saved for weddings.” Bobby Curiel, Account Strategist, “It’s nice to pretend you’re at a wedding during work, right?” Now conference calls can start resembling those tedious nuptial ceremonies.

Engineering Director, Tim Banks, “can only wear so much nerd swag in a week before [he] need[s] to change it up.” For the curious reader, a “nerd swag” example includes shirts with “pi” references (as opposed to Dungeons and Dragons regalia).

Maybe it’s for the men to practice the long lost art of tie-tying, or maybe it’s just nice to pretend to be a grown up every once in awhile. Whatever their reasons, these Red Nova Labs employees are looking pretty fine.