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Red Nova Labs opened up its workspace for this year’s 2013 Kansas City’s Service Jam event held March 1st - 3rd. Red Nova Labs hosted the first night of event, where a group of twenty talented individuals gathered for a chance to collaborate on a topic provided by Global Service Jam.

The event focuses on collaboration and designing services related to a shared theme, which was simply presented as “Grow ^,” or as interpreted by the participants, “Grow Up”. The Kansas City Service Jam participants divided into two smaller groups to design prototypes of two entirely new services.

Team members spent the next 48 hours brainstorming ideas and building prototypes - giving their ideas physical form in order to experience, communicate and test their new services.

The main focus of the “Jam” is to bring people together through a common thread and work on a project that allows them to share their creative juices with likeminded people and provide a space for people to flourish and thrive.

This year’s Jam was mediated by Randall Blair. “Red Nova Labs was an ideal space to launch the Kansas City Service Jam. Our Jam participants were able to socialize in comfort and get to know each other by playing ping pong and by competing in a “Marshmallow Challenge” before learning the theme of the Jam via video. The different areas within the event space allowed us to move from group gathering to all-out brainstorming. Plenty of whiteboard space, music and pizza helped to come up with fantastic concepts that we took into the rest of the weekend.”

This year’s Kansas City teams broke off into two groups:

The Jam is not a start-up event designed to create a business on Monday morning, or even next month. There are no winners or losers when it comes to teams submitting projects; it’s all about the collaboration.

Dan Miller, Red Nova Labs CEO and founder stated, “We are pleased to support the largest Service Jam ever. The use of our space was a small contribution compared to the efforts of so many people over the weekend. We are glad Service Jam elected to work with us, recognizing our facilitating role in the community.”