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Twin Day - Spririt Week Day 2 At Red Nova Labs

Day Two of Red Nova Lab’s first (and soon to be annual) Spirit Week is Twin Day. We’re a big fan of matching here, whether it’s with names or clothes, so we decided to get together with our fellow employees and dress alike. Can you guess which one of each pair is the rel=canonical?

Cardigan Gang - Tyler, Garrett, Shannon, Sara, Amanda and Stephanie

Cardigans. Plaid. Colored denim. Shoes they bought in one another’s company. These are the wardrobe staples of RNL employees Tyler and Garrett. Others in the office wanted to celebrate their bromance by, for one day only, emulating their regular ensemble.

The Cardigan Twins

Team Tech Support - Beth C and Ashley S

Everyone knows you can’t set up computers or optimize/QA websites without all of your senses in perfect harmony; otherwise, you’re just too busy focusing on your discomfort and can’t tell the difference between a FireWire cable and an external hard drive. The laidback duo remains calm and collected with their sporty black jackets, green t-shirts and sunglasses.

Tech Support Twins

Ultimate Frisbee Bros - Caleb and Joe M

Caleb and Joe are not only departmental brethren at Red Nova Labs, they also share a much stronger bond that runs thicker than blood: one of Ultimate Frisbee camaraderie. These two wear their attire in honor of their team’s 2012 victory in the Lawrence Ultimate Championship, a feat they will not soon forget.

Ultimate Frisbee Bros

Mini Me Day - Chris and Dan

“I thought it was Mini Me Day,” admitted Chris. Although he was not artificially created in a test tube from Dan Miller’s DNA, this sales power team looked like father and son in their matching coral polos.

Chris Klein and Dan Miller as twins

Sporty Engineers - Tim and Bob

They run races together, play on the same basketball squad and now even dress alike. “We are basically identical so we just combined our styles,” said Tim. “It’s been really great conveying our similar personalities through our physical attributes.”

Bob and Tim Bob and Tim's shoes

“We have the same boots. Let’s go from there.” - Megan and Natalie

Before the day began, Natalie and Megan were destined to be twins. They both forgot to set alarms, overslept and showed up to work at the exact same time. These RNL women still made it to work eventually looking more presentable than most employees do on any given day.

Experiencing twin syndrome

Stay tuned for more updates from Spirit Week 2013!