Meet the innovators behind Red Nova Labs

Nicolas Miller

Data Analyst

About Nicolas

Nicolas grew up in the small town of Silver Lake, Kansas and obtained a B.A. in English and Classical Languages (Latin and Greek) from the University of Kansas. He spent the next five years at SE2, an insurance and retirement services firm, where he took turns in the roles of customer service representative, business analyst, and service manager. In August 2015, Nicolas met his nerdy match, Stephanie, on the opposite side of the aisle in two mutual friends’ wedding. Together, they enjoy adventures of all sizes as well as binge-watching Netflix, all while trying to keep up with their hilariously opposite miniature Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees.

What Nicolas does at RNL

Nick is responsible for generating business intelligence reports for the storEDGE platform. In other words, Nick fetches useful but boring information from a database and then makes it pretty.

Describe your favorite childhood memory.

Smash Bashes (i.e. entire days of Super Smash Bros. Melee with my brother and friends)

Name your biggest fear.

I would have been the worst Fear Factor contestant. I can’t do creepy crawlies (especially cockroaches and spiders) or confined spaces. That glass box would have been my coffin.

Tell us the nerdiest thing about you.

Stephanie and I are both very much into video games, especially old Nintendo classics. We named our first dog (the mini Aussie) Ridley after the winged hell-beast of the "Metroid" series. (Nature or nurture, it turned out to be fitting. He is intelligent, frustratingly persistent, capable of great household destruction, and he has those glowing blue eyes...but he's also sweet as can be.)