Meet the innovators behind Red Nova Labs

Tim Banks

Senior Software Engineer

About Tim

Tim Banks grew up in Kansas City (Blue Springs, to be exact) and headed out to wild and wonderful Mizzou to pursue an education in something the natives refer to as computer science. While at Mizzou, he dabbled in various activities and successfully earned his Best At Computers badge (also referred to as a degree). Tim worked at Foliotek, Inc. for five years while enjoying lots of time outdoors in Columbia's awesome park system. Tim has recently developed an interest in triathlons and just finished his first full Ironman.

What Tim does at RNL

Tim makes sure the engineers do what they're told - or else.

Name three things you can't live without.

My running shoes, my Vitamix blender, and the Internet.

Everyone has a secret talent. What's yours?

I'm really good at catching shrimp at Japanese steakhouses.

Tell us the nerdiest thing about you.

I was once on a Halo 2 team that was ranked in the top five in the nation.