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Red Nova Labs dogs.

Here at Red Nova Labs, we’re lucky to enjoy a modern, collaborative workspace. In fact, we recently made the list of Kansas City’s Coolest Office Spaces. Want to help us take home the title? Vote for us to win the award! If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out our crib, take a tour of our top 10 favorite office spots below!

10. Dan's office

Dan's office wall.

Of course, the head honcho snagged one of the coolest spots in the building. Dan’s office has two walls of windows, making it one of the brightest offices in the building. It also features a secret mini-bar, tons of chocolate and snacks, a giant glass-top desk, and a large screen TV with Apple TV and HD streaming devices for easy screen sharing and collaboration. One wall of his office is completely covered in vintage Sports Illustrated covers. It’s the center of all the action, and it’s the place to go to meet with our fearless leader, Dan Miller. (Did I mention it has a secret mini-bar?)

9. Entryway chairs

Entryway chairs.

Right up the stairs, the bright red chairs are the first thing you see when you enter the building, and a common waiting area for interviewees, meeting makers, and people who frequently order Jimmy Johns. You never know who will be sitting there when you waltz through the door, but one thing is for certain: they are waiting for something. And with bright, natural light, a great view of Rainbow Boulevard, and comfy armrests, it’s a great spot to pass the time.

8. Gamer lounge

Chalk wall and magnet wall.

Ping pong. Pinball. Foosball. Mini-basketball. Whatever kind of balls (er, arcade games) you like, we’ve got them in the basement gamer lounge. Did I mention we also have a magnetic chalkboard wall? Emblazoned with “work hard and make shit happen,” the wall features interesting sentences and polls. (Check it out - you might just see your name on there next to something ridiculous.) This space is the perfect spot to hang out after lunch or wind down at the end of the day. But watch out for flying ping pong balls - our table tennis competitions can get pretty intense.

7. Our upstairs workspace, Endeavor

Endeavor room.

The upstairs workspace, Endeavor, is one of the largest rooms in the building, and it offers a plethora of work spaces for all different work styles. We wanted our space to reflect our roots as a startup incubator, so we knocked down walls (literally) and opened up the space to create large, open air workspaces with creative seating and modern, adjustable desks. The simple, bright workspace features clean walls and large windows with views overlooking the treetops of Westwood. The large, open office space is also perfect for collaborating across departments. It’s the epitome of open-concept, with no cubicles or barriers between developers, designers, writers, or project managers. We all work and share in the space together: we celebrate our wins together, we snack together, we watch police pull people over on Rainbow Boulevard together (all the time!), we swear at our computers together, and we work early mornings and late nights together. Endeavor is a truly collaborative space, and it reflects our hard-working yet playful culture.

6. Sales pit

Sales pit.

The sales pit offers a modern, minimalist workspace for our sales team, account managers, and more. With multiple phone calls going at once, it was important that this space have the ability to stifle unwanted sound. The varying ceiling heights offer flexibility in setting different noise levels, so it’s easy to find a space that fits your ideal noise level to minimize distractions and boost productivity. With an open, collaborative space, bright natural light, and high-tech tools, our team is able to move fast and get things done quickly, with no barriers or departmental red tape.

5. The kitchen

Red Nova Labs kitchen.

This is where the magic happens. Our chef’s kitchen features red granite countertops, a double oven, two sinks, two dishwashers, a large cooktop, and a gigantic, larger-than-life island. It’s been known to seat the entire sales team at meetings, and I’ve personally seen it serve as a buffet for over two dozen large pizzas. Speaking of pizzas, did I mention this is where we gather to enjoy catered lunches and afternoon brewskis? This kitchen is truly bitchin’.

4. Snack nook

Red Nova Labs snack bar.

The snack bar. The snack nook. The snack area. Whatever you call this little corner of the office, you’re sure to enjoy the cold beverages and tasty snacks you’ll find there. RNL offers unlimited snacks and drinks to all employees, whether your go-to is a Red Bull and a Rice Krispie bar, or a La Croix and a Larabar. It’s always stocked with a variety of healthy (and not-so-healthy) snicks and snacks, fresh fruits, sodas, teas, and more.

3. The vault

Red Nova Labs vault.

Did you know Red Nova Labs was once the home of Fisca Oil Company? Apparently that is the reasoning behind the two old bank vault rooms in our multi-level office. (Do oil tycoons not trust banks?) We’ve decked out the space to be a soundproof work nook and meeting spaces, as well as an impromptu recording studios for our marketing webinars. The vault is the perfect example of RNL’s creative variety of furniture: whether you prefer to work at a standing desk, sit on a comfy couch, scribble notes on a glass-top desk, squish your toes into a cozy shag rug, or lounge in a cushy chair, our team has unlimited freedom to move around the office and work where they’re most comfortable.

2. Our café, The Grind

Red Nova Labs coffee shop.

Ah, the motherland. The Grind is my personal favorite hangout spot in all of Red Nova Labs. Why you may ask? Because of the delicious espresso and hand-crafted coffee drinks, of course. With bright natural light and comfy lounge chairs, The Grind is perfect for impromptu meetings or enjoying a tasty brownie. (It seems like there are always homemade treats and baked goods in there.) It always smells like freshly ground coffee beans, and a steady stream of RNL employees roll through the door as the morning goes by to snag a latte or grab a refill. It’s the best place in the office to curl up with your laptop and drink a warm cuppa joe.

1. The basement

Red Nova Labs basement.

The RNL basement is truly jaw-dropping. It’s the highlight of new employee tours, and a favorite hangout for everyone on the Red Nova Labs team. It’s large, open, and filled with new and old recreational games, from a vintage Ghostbusters pinball machine to a large ping pong table (perfect for afternoon breaks). Our basement also features large windows that let in bright, natural light, a full kitchen, a large cafeteria, a state-of-the-art HD projector for company meetings, and a plethora of flexible workspaces and lounge areas. It’s where we meet up for weekly lunches, brainstorm during quarterly meetings, and party down during happy hours and celebratory events.

So, what do you think? Pretty cool, eh? Don’t forget to vote for us to win Kansas City’s Coolest Office Space!