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Meet storEDGE

Editor's Note --- This post was originally published in April 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Red Nova Labs has many faces. In our early days, we were the minds behind a number of apps and websites that the casual observer might not have realized were all actually related. Today, you can find us powering storEDGE - technology created for the self storage industry.

As winners of the KC Battle of the Brands and honorees of Best Places to Work in Kansas City and Coolest Office Spaces in Kansas City, we are Red Nova Labs. But to the self storage industry, we are storEDGE. Confused? Let me explain!

Red Nova Labs logo

It all starts with Red Nova Labs. When we’re interacting in the local start-up scene, that’s the name we call ourselves. It’s the name written outside our building that shines over Rainbow Boulevard. It’s the name you’ll see in job listings and on Google Maps. It’s the company name on our paychecks.

To ourselves and the Kansas City startup community, we’re Red Nova Labs. While we started as a think-tank exploring many different channels, now, we’re a tech company full of incredibly bright people who are constantly studying, learning, and experimenting to find the next innovative breakthrough for our storEDGE products. As RNL, we’re a vibrant web marketing and SaaS company with an eye on the Kansas City business scene and a finger on the pulse of the self storage industry.

So how did we get here? Check out how we got started in self storage and how we evolved into storEDGE below.

storEDGE logo

When we first joined the self storage industry in 2013, we focused solely on marketing websites: our technologists got their foot in the door of the industry by bringing web marketing know-how and expert SEO knowledge to self storage owners and managers. We recognized early on that there was a big market for better technology in self storage, and away we went, designing, creating, and programming to fill the niche.

During our awkward teenage years, we were known by a number of other names (ahem, StorageAhead and StorageFront), but in April 2014, we finally found our niche and introduced storEDGE as the new face of our technology products. The new brand name came to lead the way from web marketing into a new realm: self storage facility management software. By integrating innovative lead tracking tools, built-in customer relationship management, and dynamic data and analytics tools, our technologists worked hard to create a product that wasn’t just a re-hash of existing software. It was new. It was different. It was something the self storage industry hadn’t seen before.

Our storEDGE technology allows us to integrate our marketing websites, facility management software, online customer Rental Center™ tools, and more to deliver an exceptional, all-in-one technology product that simplifies our clients’ tech needs. When we run a facility’s website and management software, storage managers and owners have a 360 degree view of their business where they can track their customer lifecycle from start to finish. It’s seamless lead tracking, reporting, and business management for them, and effortless online move-ins, reservations, and bill payment for their tenants.

With time, we might branch out even further - all of self storage tech is at our fingertips. There’s no limit to our imagination, and neither is there any foreseeable end to the need for improved technology in the self storage industry. As technology continues to advance, businesses must adapt. It’s with enthusiasm that we set about the task of helping storage owners stay abreast of modern developments.

Whether we’re decked out in red at a career fair or dressed in cool blue at the latest self storage trade show, we’re still the same underneath: a group of energetic people looking to the future and guiding the hands of hard-working self storage owners and managers. We’re so grateful to all of our self storage clients who choose us to be their bridge to technology and innovation.

I hope this clears things up a bit!