We work and we play. Read about both here.

Writing on desk

Every great company needs a great place to work. Here at Red Nova Labs, our environment reflects the values we employ in our work: our spontaneity, our openness to collaboration and new ideas, our focus, and our desire to balance the hard work we do with a healthy dose of fun and relaxation.

From our glass tables that employees can write on to our plethora of work stations that vary in size and level of privacy, our workspace is the dynamic chameleon that the modern office needs to be.

Our office Endeavor

Our sales room

Our engineering room

While open floor plans that encourage collaboration and stronger social connections between employees are on the rise, a good office needs to match its openness with private areas that allow individuals and small groups to focus on the task at hand. At RNL, our cubicle-less rooms are counterbalanced by smaller work stations tucked conveniently out of the way.

A smaller workspace

A casual workspace

This flexible layout allows us to maximize the creative potential of our talented employees. The flexibility extends even to the desks themselves. Our unique tables made of tempered glass allow us to write directly on the surface with dry erase markers, facilitating off-the-cuff brainstorming. We can even adjust the height for employees who prefer to stand rather than sit at their desks.

A standing desk

Sitting at a desk

We keep our space vibrant with lots of natural light. Even our individual offices are bright and open, with windows facing both inside and out, a reflection of the transparency we strive to maintain through all ranks of the company. “It’s like a fishbowl,” said Marketing Director Megan Garden.

Second Megan quote

Megan's office

CEO Dan Miller’s office, pictured below, is especially large and bright, an area almost more akin to a conference room than a private office. He calls it the “war room” and estimates he spends about one hour a day alone in his office. The rest of the time it’s filled with a fluctuating population of clients and collaborators.

Dan's office

The only rooms without plenty of light are our small, windowless “vaults,” where workers can hole up if they really need to buckle down and cut out any distractions.

One of our vaults

In a web design company, of course, technology is of huge importance. Nearly all of our employees use two computer monitors – sometimes more – and our conference room is equipped with not only a large computer screen that’s nearly the length of the wall but also a webcam that allows us to engage with potential clients and our telecommuting employees.

Our conference room

Austin working in conference room

To facilitate the breakneck pace at which we work, we keep ourselves well stocked with coffee, snacks, and soda. There’s always food sitting around, much of which is brought in by employees themselves. Miller and StorEdge Product Manager Beth Donnelly routinely provide morning donuts.

Our coffee maker

We like soda

Whatever the occasion, we can count on someone to bring in a few treats: heart-shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day, muffins before Christmas break, brownies for no reason at all. We even had a shrimp boil for Miller’s birthday.

We also eat fruit

Everywhere you look – on chairs, on couches, on rugs, on candy – is the color red, a reminder of the incredible company we’re all so lucky to have found. Even our plants show their spirit and sport the color.

We love the color red

We also love plants

First Megan quote

When the day’s work is done, or someone simply needs a break, there’s always the large and versatile kitchen and recreation area, home to such varying activities as our catered Friday lunches, our ping pong and foosball tables, the occasional company-wide meeting, and the incredible Red Nova Labs Christmas party.

Our recreation room

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. Miller envisions more individual offices in the future, though we’ll still employ our open door policy, ensuring easy and transparent communication. He also expects to finalize the kitchen; currently, the oven is being installed. And, as he said, “An outdoor area would be nice.” His solution? A rooftop patio accessible via spiral staircase.

Whatever ends up panning out, it’ll only embolden us further, strengthening the enthusiasm with which we all walk in each morning, ready to tackle the day’s tasks and enjoying every second of it.