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Hey, you, reading this blog - are you at work right now? Would your boss approve of you reading the hilarious musings of this content writer while you’re supposed to be coding, or flipping burgers, or whatever it is that you should be doing to earn your next paycheck? Well guess what - she should be happy you’re reading this blog, because I’m about to drop some real knowledge on ya. Stop hiding behind MSOutlookit or checking Facebook on your phone, because taking mental breaks on social sites can most certainly make you a better worker.

“I could be a drug addict, do you know how lucky you are?”

Next time your boss catches you on Pinterest and responds with a look that says, “I’m not angry, just disappointed,” reply with that GIRLS’ quote to remind them that you are, in fact, a highly functional employee who just needed a little break.

Don’t listen to the haters, like Eric Goldschein from Business Insider, who believe “smartphones, time-wasting websites and gossip can cost U.S. companies an estimated $650 billion a year.” Sure, it may seem that way, but you have to take a realistic standpoint that no person can be 100% on for 40+ hours a week (and no one wants to work with a robot, so they need to accept this fact).

Laura Vanderkam takes a more human approach, in her own article, and retorts:

But if no one checked Facebook at work, would our GDP really jump by that much? I doubt it. Here’s why. First, no one can get through a whole workday without taking a break. A little cyberloafing amounts to blowing off steam. If people weren’t checking Twitter, they might be out smoking (another vice known for costing billions per year)… they’d make personal phone calls or thinly disguised work calls that are more for gossiping with co-workers than anything else. Workplace distraction did not begin with social media. It will not end when the next thing comes along, either.

Hey, guess what? You can actually learn stuff out there.

Caught browsing at work? Show your boss how you’re continuing your education with an online degree from the University of reddit. Red Nova Labs’ own Chris Klein is not only our resident .gif expert; he also uses the front page of the Internet to learn more about sales.

“I always check out r/business, r/seo, r/bigseo, etc between sales calls; I keep r/sales in a separate folder and have even printed out a bunch of closing and voicemail-related articles to use as a future reference.”

Personally, I find out what’s trending on Buzzfeed and reddit on a regular basis to write badass content, which helps get links to helpful websites. If you build something the masses want to read right now, they will come.

Other, anonymous employees who will not be named use fun, time-sucking sites as a mental break for a few minutes, and then come back, fully charged and ready to take on even the toughest of self storage websites. So, basically, instead of taking a break that could potentially give you lung cancer, you’re just taking a quick hiatus that could make you better at your job. Seems like today’s ways to avoid work are a win-win for everyone involved. Or maybe I’m just trying to justify our office employees’ behavior - take it as you will.